About Davin:

  • I am an avid cyclist and try to bike whenever and where ever I can. My bike is both a reliable means of transportation, as well as an excellent way to explore The Cities. When it is reasonable, I will ride my bike to project sites.
  • I am a dedicated teacher, and I have traveled the world in pursuit of teaching opportunities. I love to share what I know and learn about what I do not. Currently, I am teaching a photography course at a youth center in St. Paul.
  • I am based in Minneapolis, but have roots throughout the Midwest. I am always looking for an excuse to travel, and have found that traveling to location for a project will enhance my connection to the work.
  • I am an experimental and enthusiastic homebrewer. As with any hobby or activity that I take an interest in, I want to learn as much as possible and understand how it all works. I enjoy the do-it-yourself approach, and finding unique solutions to problems when they arise.